Travel Blog Your Next Vacation

Some years ago, I took an extended trip to Europe. During that holiday, I kept a travel journal where I made notes of the places I visited, the people I met along with the events that happened. I still get out that blog for travelers journal and read through a few of the entrances. The problem with the journal was that the entries weren’t simple to share. I still had to write postcards and letters to my family members and friends.

Now, with the advent of blogs (web logs) your journey journal can also serve as a way
Of sharing your vacation with your family and friends. Friends and family are going to be able to
instantly read about your experiences once you’ve written concerning them. No
must get stamps or send letters via postal mail.

Because you’re writing a blog, there’s also no requirement to send multiple mails
either. Write it once and your done. Your friends and family can subscribe to a
blog and they’re automatically notified when you make an entry. Furthermore, your own
buddies can make comments in your blog post that are available for others to view,
giving your friends an chance to actively take part on your holiday.

The best part about your blog is that while you are sharing your holiday with your
Relatives and friends, you are also going to be making a list of your vacation so you’ll be
able to easily recall what you did and reminisce about the excellent times or even the
challenges that you faced.

Because sites are online, you can make an entrance in any place that’s
Access to the Internet. A number of my friends have started to create normal trips to a
Internet cafe a typical part of their vacations. Many resorts also provide and Internet
terminal which you can use for a few minutes.

There are many websites where you can place your site for free. Many even
Permit you to post pictures. Some sites even specialize in travel logs. Two of my
favorites are:

Blog or a personal travel journal that is password protected for selected viewers.
TravelBlog - Provides blog space and allows for unlimited photos
In your travel journal.

If you’ve got the travel bug, but can break away from work or do not have proper
Funds, you can go to a virtual vacation by subscribing to a travel site that someone
Else is maintaining. You may also want to Go Through a blog of someone who’s been
To the destination that you’re likely to visit. You’ll get first hand travel tips and
Information for that destination.