Steps To Develop An Essay

This article addresses some of the major issues concerning the task of developing an essay. This is what you need to know while you develop an essay. Provided by

Consider the topic or the question of the essay- it is important that you consider this while you write the essay on short notice. This is because you need to be precise and accurate. Analyze different angles from which you can put forward your arguments. Choosing the essay topic may be a little difficult task. This is because you might be obliged to make it unique and different. In case you do not have a topic, go with something that really interests you.


Quickly draw on the main points of the different possible arguments. Make sure that cover all the points. Do not try to indulge in meaningless and irrelevant discussions. Be precise, accurate and thorough. Read the directions-Considering the directions are really important. Hence, read the directions first. After that make sure that you follow them. Get fully informed. It is absolutely important that you get fully informed.

Selecting a Reading Resource

The second challenge or important task in creating a quality research paper, is finding quality and authentic source. The authenticity of the source is an extremely important factor as far as the production of research material is concerned. Rely less on the internet and more on the library. Any material, be it a journal, a formerly approved research, books or documents could be a potential material resource for the paper. But before choosing, finding the material is important and it is a challenging task. Bibliographies, library indexes and catalogs can help you find the appropriate material.

Organizing and Documenting the material

This is a huge challenge. The challenges are not over with just finding the sources. After finding sources that validate your idea, or your research, what you need to do is organize the vast information that you have collected. Sequence the data as per the relevance. A good system for noting sources on the bibliographic card is required. Take notes on how the entire essay shall proceed. It shall be divided into three parts, or more, each assigned a definite task of importance. For instance, it is usually observed that the first part is for the introduction of the idea of giving out a rough sketch of the entire paper. This is followed by an elaboration of the idea. Explain the idea in detail. Cover all spaces of the idea. Then finally conclude. This is a very basic example of an essay sequence. Complex parts are to be included or added to the above depending on the vastness and complexity of the topic.

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