The Sixth Chakra – The Third Eye Chakra

Your third eye chakra is the 6th chakra and is known as Alna in ancient Sanskrit. It is located in the center of the forehead, right between the eyebrows and also has a corresponding point for the back of head which allows a smaller amount of energy to also move in and out.

The third eye chakra enables us to get clear imaginative and prescient vision of what’s going on and it helps us to instinctively learn, with this chakra open it can also awaken our sixth good sense.

The sixth chakra is the ability to get in touch with your own pure intuition and to know your inner self.

When the chakra is definitely open or activated, you will find it easy to get in touch with your personal inner self. Your intuition becomes sharper as the pleasure of this chakra will ease the flow of emails from the brain flow which will allows for a direct connection with the cosmic consciousness. If the chakra is blocked then loads of problems can arise ranging from insensitivity and an not able to accept new ideas to mental imbalance.

The third eye chakra has the color indigo associated to it and is connected with the actual metal Silver. The gemstone for this chakra is and the like, sodalite. The use of sodalite can clear ones understanding having peace and calm and also strengthening the nerves. So that you can get rid of old behavior patterns then this stone when familiar with open the third eye activation chakra can really be a great guide because as well as dissolving the behavior patterns it also strengthens thinking patterns that we need on a day to day basis giving you more confidence and self assurance. It can help to attain reasonable thinking and can clear your mind.

Some of the psychological aspects of getting a balanced or open third eye chakra can be a typical awakening both spiritually and intellectually. Psychic development and extra-sensorial perception are also known to develop. If this chakra is out of balance however then the psychological aspects might manifest such as intellectual blockages, a closing off of the intuition, disbelief connected with dreams, and an inability to visualize. General confusion as well as headaches are also quite common symptoms of a blocked third vision chakra.

In order to balance the third eye chakra yourself you can utilize meditation music in the key of D. Try to create in your mind a ball of indigo blue light around the an area of the chakra, right in the center of your forehead. As you do this, visualize a beautiful indigo lotus flower with two large petals slowly but surely opening as it rotates over your chakra. This indigo lotus flower with its 2 petals is the representation of the chakra which is pictured in the Sanskrit Mandala for this chakra.