Advantages of Getting a Tooth Implant Over Dentures

Dentures are always considered the easier choice when it comes to replacing lost pearly whites. But being the easier choice is not always the best choice when it comes to dental treatment. Dentures provide a temporary solution to lost or removed your teeth, while a dental implant has a more permanent feel and through extra care and proper hygiene, a tooth implant can last longer that you think.

Missing teeth can affect a man or woman in many ways. Missing teeth means having a hard time chewing nutrition, unclear enunciation of words, and awkward smiles you may even many people will do anything to have a complete set of teeth again. So you see, people are so used to having dentures that they always end up running it as a dental treatment. What not many people know is that receiving a tooth implants has a lot more advantages than getting dentures. The procedure may be a little difficult, but the long-term benefits are actually what matters most.

Advantages of using a tooth implant:

· Teeth-saving. Different from dentures and braces, a tooth implant does not increase or touch any of the neighboring teeth. For some patients who seem to get dentures, the teeth beside the dentures are moved or simply removed to fit and support the dentures. Implants stand alone without affecting any of the teeth located beside it.

· Very reliable. Compared to dentures and bridges, teeth augmentations have a higher success rate without the need to replace them now and then. Getting teeth implants also mean that you don’t have to worry about the tooth wobbling out or loosening while eating since the teeth implants need to be secured within the jaw bone.

· Esthetic. In the case of esthetics, the obvious choice is always to go with a dental implant. Not only do they feel great, they also look like real teeth. Through the, people would never notice that you had a tooth implant. Seeing that implants are embedded into the jaw bone, patients will not have to worry about bone loss and gum recession, which are the usual complications of using dentures and bridges.

· Confidence. Atop all the other advantages, a tooth implant brings back the very confidence lost due to missing teeth. Dentures do make a temporary fix when it comes to missing or broken teeth, however , dentures can become wobbly and shaky especially when eating in addition to talking with other people. On the other hand, a tooth implant is certainly secured and fixed since the implant binds with the jaw bone, which inturn prevents it from falling out or getting loose. With this people will feel as if they just grew a new dental care which then helps them to regain their confidence when it comes to getting together with other people.

Getting a tooth implant is not as easy as getting false teeth since there is surgery involved in embedding the tooth. But when it comes to continuous benefits, dental implants can last long with proper care plus hygiene. Dentures on the other hand need to be changed every now and then, especially when used by a very long time.