Esperanza Woodring - Homestead

Esperanza Woodring - Prepping the Net

Esperanza Woodring -  Blind Pass

Esperanza Woodring -  Paint Photo

Esperanza Woodring -  Fixing Rolls

Esperanza Woodring -  Painted Pants

Esperanza Woodring -  Back Swing

Esperanza Woodring -  Guide

To  purchase Charlie McCullough's photos please call the Tower Gallery 239-472-4557
To  purchase Charlie McCullough's photos please call the Tower Gallery 239-472-4557
The Lighthouse - Logo
The Lighthouse - Godrays
The Lighthouse '60
The Lighthouse - with the tall thin Cumulous cloud
The Lighthouse -  with mushroom cloud
The Fish House - at sunset
The Fish House - with Pelicans horizontal
The Fish House

The Fish House - Bill Stevens
The Fish House - with Pelicans, vertical
The Way It Was

Payen' & haulin' - the Sanibel Ferry

Ralph Woodring  - Cast net throw

Ferry Hurricane Flag

Boardwalking At Bailey's Store

Sea Oats

Dad White Caulking Boat

Harrison Woodring - Fisherman Extrodinaire

Peg Leg

Birds Fly

Artist: Charles Mc Cullough
a moment in time captured
Historical images of Sanibel, Captiva & the World, since 1935...

"Because of one's need to illustrate, often a photograph is created;  sheer beauty demands a photo."

Experiences in Charlie's life demanded photos.  He has spent 68 years capturing images.  He has attended 39 Elderhostels in six different countries.  His life work was agriculture and sailing.  Then, retiring to the home that his grandfather built in 1908 on Woodring Point at the mouth of Tarpon Bay on Sanibel Island, expanded Charlie's vintage and current stocks of IMAGES of NOW and THEN.

To share his experiences with you, Charlie became an enthusiastic photographer and printer.  He was very fortunate to have attended Cal Kowal's photography courses at the Cincinnati Art Academy.  He has  attended workshops with Canadian-born Craig Stevens in Maine, New Mexico and two sessions in Provence, France;  Doug Merriam on lighting in Santa Fe; Kip Brundage on color;  Liz Opalenik on coloring;  Arnold Newman on portraits.  Most recently, Charlie attended John Sexton's Photography Printing Workshop at John's home, high on the mountainside of Carmel Valley, Caloifornia.  John had the honor of being Ansel Adams' assistant, and Charlie considers both Sexton and Adams as his mentors.
Tower Gallery
Sanibel Island, Florida
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