Sanibel, Florida
Artist: Kim Hambor
Seeing the light...
dramatic infared photography
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Australian Pines on the Causeway
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All prints are printed by the Artist on fine art papers and canvas using archival inks.

5x7" matted to 11x14" 
$35.00 + S & H $5.00 = $ 40.00

11x14" matted to 16x20"
$75.00 + S & H $10.00 = $85.00

13x20" stretched canvas   
$175.00 + S & H $25.00 = $200.00

20x30" stretched canvas   
$275.00 + S & H $45.00 = $320.00

Collage Images on Canvas
available in 20x20" stretched canvas
$200.00 + S & H $45.00 = 245.00

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More about the artist:

I was born in Akron, Ohio and later moved to Urichsville, a small town  1 hour southeast of Akron.  I have always loved art and creating things.  At age 7  my sculpture was chosen to show at the Akron Art Institute.  For my Science Fair project in 7th Grade I made a  pinhole camera and portable darkroom and actually took pictures and developed them right beforethe judges eyes.
I spent a lot of time in the darkroom after that taking graphic arts classes in Junior High and High School.  I attended Vocational School my Junior year and worked in a state of the art graphics department.

I received an Associate degree in Commercial Art from the University of Akron in 1981.  After a couple of years in Columvus , Ohio where I participated in art shows for local charities and worked as a graphic artist, I moved to Deersville, Ohio.  I was number one hundred when I moved in.  During that period in my life I came to know Jesus while attending the Methodist Church there.  That experience changed my life forever.

I worked as a studio photographer, sculptor and designer at Miller Studio in New Philadelphis, Ohio, where among other things, I created a line of inspirational shadow boxes using my photographs as backgrounds.  they were mass produced and sold all over the world.
The cold winters led me to Naples, Florida in 1988 and I worked as a graphic artist at Prestige Printing.  I also started a successful stock photography business and had my images featured in numerous publications including magazines, billboards and coffee table books.  I participated in many art shows in the Naples area, andwas the first photographer allowed into the Art in the Park shows.

In 1992 I met my husband David on an airplane coming back from Christmas vacation in Ohio.  We were married in 1995 and I moved to his home in the Iona area of Ft. Myers.  David and I have two sons, Jacob and Luke.  We also have a Bengal cat  named Qigong and a little flock of chickens who all have at least  2 names which I won't list.  I have given up the darkroom and now work out of my studio that David built for me.  I print fine art giclees from digital and infared images that can be seen at many gallelries in Southwest Florida.

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