Artist: Katie Gardenia

Hand sculpted fantasy art dolls, whimsical, magical & endearing mermaids, fairies & mystical folklore people, bags, pillows & adornments...Katie Gardenia was born in 1943, in her grandmother's restaurant kitchen. Inspired by her grandmother's encouragement, she began sculpting at the age of nine.

Her imaginative spirit lives in her whimsical enchanting fantasy sculptures. With a passion, she has created well over two thousand individual figures of art that have found their way into collectors' homes worldwide. These fantasy figures have an old world look about them, as if they had recently sauntered out of a story book illustration and are happy to be free. They possess a magical quality that touches the viewers heart and reawakens the joy and the spirit within. Each sculpture takes on a unique personality and presence emerging from its environment. Drawing upon her rich imagination, she creates lavish costumes combining the old with the new.

Katie believes we all live in a creative magical world, when in fact a fantasy world lives within Katie.
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Just published, a Collectors 117 page Art collage book, A Bubble Moment, by author, artist, and creator of the orginal, internationally renowned Bubble Room restaurant on Captiva Island, Florida:
Katie Gardenia.

This book is a treasure hunt for the reader who journies through envelopes of secret recipes, comical stories, and whimscial Art. Each book will be personally autographed by Katie and will hopefully be passed on for loved ones to enjoy.

Bubble Memories by Katie Gardenia: $57.45
Includes Shipping

International order? Contact Katie for pricing.

Tower Gallery
Sanibel Island, Florida
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