20 Top Caravan Buying Questions

Purchasing Static Loans for caravans in Brisbane is a big decision, finding somewhere that can put it is even bigger! Here are 20 questions that you really need to know the exact answers to before you commit to staying on a static caravan park:

1 . What are the opening & closing dates? How many years is the caravanning season?

As this will deduce how many many months of the year you can stay on the holiday home park and also use your caravan for. A Holiday home parks season will differ between 8 and 11 months. While a 5 month season in theory let’s you use your caravan even more, you have to realistically ask yourself whether you would use it during the glaring winter months and the longer season will be reflected in the amount.

2 . Are children catered for?

What facilities along with activities does the park provide? These can range from swimming, nature walks, activity play area’s to name just a few.

3 or more. Are pets allowed?

Best to find out before you buy whether Pugsey can come with you.

4. Are the pitch fee’s the same almost every pitch? If not, what are the lowest and highest siting price tags?

Most parks, like ourselves have just the one price for any pitch fees. However some do charge more so it they consider their premium pitches. Best to find out before any heartache later.

5. Are their any flashing and entertainment facilities? Are they open all season? Are those included in the pitch fee?

Again a lot of parks, including our-self, host a range of free activities which can make it feel like the own “all inclusive holiday” which you can have again and again at any time throughout the season!

6. What attractions are nearby?

You cannot beat local knowledge for the best fishing spots!

7. What amount are the site fee’s?

This is usually a reflection of the caravan web pages location, size and length of season. Caravan parks at the side of the sea with 11 month seasons command higher web page fees. This figure varies between £1200 and £5000.

8. What are the History of Site fee increases?

As this will be a reflection of future price increases.

9. Just what are the arrangements for paying for electricity and gas?

Electricity is commonly done on an annual basis via individual meters. Petrol is either piped and paid on an annual basis including the electricity or by Bottle on a pay as you go basis.